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"This coming July, my father will have been at your facility for three years. We have been so pleased with every aspect of his care. Placing a loved one in a nursing home is a very hard thing to do, but your facility is so good it makes us feel better about the decision we had to make. No one has given up on my father, even though his Alzheimer's has progressed. The staff works with him to get him walking again and the restorative eating program help him to maintain that part of independence that is slowly deteriorating. Thank you for treating not only my father, but every patient there with respect and dignity".

"When you are learning to walk all over again for about the fifth time, you can really get down. But you wouldn't let me stay down. I know I am only able to try to make an attempt at going home because of all your help. I also thank you for saying I can come back if I can't make it at home. And thanks for your efforts in finding a way for me to have my computer with me, and finding a way to keep me warm in the winter without an electric blanket. I hope I can stay home, but it is nice to know that I am welcome here if I can't. You will never know how much your kindness has meant to me. I thank God for all of you".

"There are no words that can truly express my sincere appreciation of your kindness to my father for the past six months. I thank you for your compassion and love that you gave him each day. I felt very blessed that he was in your care. Thank you so much and may your days be happy ones".

"There came a day in my life when I found I could no longer live alone but I had no one to stay with me. Boy I really needed a friend. My search found me looking at your facility. I found not only people to be with, I found friends! They have made my stay a very happy time in my life instead of the lonely days I had been having".

"Because I believe the sunshine one brings into the lives of others is returned to one's own, I know there are many blessings in store for you. I wish you a brilliant, happy future".

"You have built a very professional staff and should be very proud of the quality care they provide. Thank you for being there for my mother and our family".

"Since the day Dad first came to your facility, you have been our extended family. We have come to know many of you by name. You have laughed with us and cried with us. In Dad's last days with us, it was evident how much you cared beyond your professional duties. He was always very appreciative of all that you did for him, and I know that he would want me to express to each of you how much our family appreciates what you did for him".

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