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Setting Expectations

Setting expectations from the beginning with our patients and families is a cornerstone to our success. It is important that beginning prior to admission that each is aware of the real and subtle differences between Acute Care and Post Acute Care. Utilizing a process called “Quality Expectation Setting”, each facility is charged to ensure the patients and their families are comfortable in the setting to which they have just been admitted. The real differences are notably with the primary caretaker at the bedside. While in the hospital, professional (RN) as well as LP/LV Nurses in all probability delivered the majority of the care. In the post acute setting the primary care giver with be the Certified Nursing Assistant, who is directly supervised by both RN’s and LP/LV Nurses. Patients admitted to our setting are generally more stable than in acute care and require less of the “technology” that an acute care institution can provide, never the less, there will at all times be a licensed nurse available to direct the care.

As stated earlier, the Post Acute Setting is capable of handling many higher acuity patients. In addition we strive to include the latest technology to assist our nurses in obtaining required assessment data earlier. An exaqmple of this would be Point of Care Testing, utilizing new technology that provides beside results of PT INR and UA.

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